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EI&C Engineering

Of course, you need up-to-date, comprehensive information on the state of your supply plants at any time and still want to reduce the maintenance effort to a tolerable minimum. To round off our preventive maintenance package, we offer to install and and maintain your EI&C engineering system.

Our services in this sector include:

  • Project engineering, construction, installation, and commissioning of EI&C systemslagen
  • Maintenance of your existing EI&C systems
  • Revamping and modification of legacy systems
  • Construction of control cabinets
  • EI&C maintenance—by this, we understand the comparison / synchronization of all analogous and digital measured values in all plant engineering sectors such as gas pressure regulating stations and gas metering systems, biogas supply plants, heating systems, etc.
  • Measurement of the leak resistance
  • Test and inspection of electric devices, tools, and installations acc. to UVV-DGUV31
  • Appointment of a qualified person acc. to TRBS2 1203 for facilities requiring monitoring according to TRBS 1201 (explosive operating equipment and facilities).

1Accident prevention regulations issued by the German Social Accident Insurance

2Technical rules for operating safety