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Maintenance and Repair of Biogas Supply Plants

Preventive maintenance is the prerequisite that ensures security of supply when operating a biogas supply plant. Other advantages of periodic maintenance are longer useful life and less wear and tear. In addition, periodic maintenance is required to successfully file warranty / guarantee claims.

Schandl GmbH uses professionally trained specialist staff (experts according to DVGW1 G 491/G 492/G 495) and well-equipped service vehicles to perform maintenance on your equipment.
In the event of a failure, we will appoint a service team as soon as possible to get your biogas supply plant back to normal operation and to avoid extended downtimes. Another advantage refers to the availability of spare parts: in close coordination with you, we will stock the most important spare parts for your plant in our warehouse so that, in case of a defect, we are able to proceed with the repair as fast as possible. This allows us to avoid delays in the delivery of spare parts—which sometimes can be very long. Thanks to our cooperation with reliable forwarders and logistics companies, required spare parts from our warehouse will be delivered to your site shortly.

In addition, we offer you a 24 x 7 on-call service.

Schandl GmbH not only guarantees an excellent and high-grade service performance, but also helps you with the optimization of existing plants by suggesting appropriate solutions.

1German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water